Our Story, it's a simple one.

I'm a certified speech & language therapist and the creator of the Daisy Plays “First Words” and “Talking Toddlers” parent coaching courses.
Lesson 1
Intro (6:22)
Lesson 2
Parentese (4:09)
Lesson 3
Say what you see (6:28)
Lesson 4
Question a little, comment a lot (4:31)
Lesson 7
Face-to-Face (5:22)
Lesson 5
Repeating (6:59)
Lesson 6
Pause (4:20)
Lesson 8
Follow their lead (6:49)
Lesson 9
Copying them (4:33)
Lesson 10
Copy & Add (5:51)
Lesson 11
Verbal Routines (5:47)
Lesson 12
Play (7:29)
Lesson 13
Reading (9:53)

The courses give you the confidence and empowerment to get your child talking, so you can say goodbye to guessing games, communication related tantrums, and the sheepish “what did he say?” coming from friends and family!

Daisy said her first word at 10 month (it was “Daisy”!) and by 16 months was speaking in three word sentences. Daisy’s advanced language development was all down to knowing how to talk, play and interact with her, with the intent of building her language. Meeting other parents with similar aged children, with little or no words, I realised how helpless and uninformed parents can be when it comes to their child’s communication development, but how simple it is to develop these skills at home through every day routines and interactions.

My online parent coaching courses have helped hundreds of families make small changes to their daily interactions and playtime, to connect and communicate with their children.

The courses show you how to set the foundations for learning language, to developing words from babbles and gestures, to growing vocabularies, and to speaking in sentences.  My Daisy Plays courses package up evidence-based tools and techniques, as well as my mama experience to empower you to make an impactful difference in your child’s communication, prevent delays or catch them up.

Backed by science. And Bloopers.

We break down exactly how to talk and play with your child so that they can learn directly from you & meet important milestones.
Hannah O’Driscoll

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