Lesson 1
Intro (7:06)
Lesson 2
Parentese (4:51)
Lesson 3
Copy them (3:38)
Lesson 4
Gestures (4:04)
Lesson 5
Babbling (5:50)
Lesson 6
Listening (3:01)
Lesson 7
Labeling & Repeating (5:24)
Lesson 8
Face-to-Face (3:39)
Lesson 9
Reading (8:08)
Lesson 10
Nursery Rhymes (3:52)
Lesson 11
First Words (6:23)
Lesson 12
Verbal Routines (4:51)
Lesson 13
Playing (9:38)

First Words

Still waiting on first words? Get a step-by-step breakdown of exactly what you need to do and when.
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Hear from others that took this course

“This has been a complete game-changer. Every one of my nannies has taken this course.
"They will give you the tools to build in really important and practical speech and language development into your baby or toddlers every day life"
"I've been completely blown away by what I've seen through this course"
“This has been a complete game-changer. Every one of my nannies has taken this course.
“This has been a complete game-changer. Every one of my nannies has taken this course.

Most Asked Questions


Our “First Words” Course is for parents of babies 0-15 months who want to:

✅ Learn how to interact with their baby so they talk sooner.
✅ Equip baby with the communication skills to have their needs and wants met.
✅ Feel empowered about the role they play in their baby’s language development.


Babies are born with the innate capacity to learn language. It is never too early to start building the foundations for successful communication development. Changing the way you interact with your baby for the intention of developing language has been proven to develop speech & language skills, as well as resulting in less tantrums, better social skills, better literacy skills and better cognitive abilities. It’s never too early to start!


If you follow the techniques and tools shared in the course, and you are consistent with implementing them in your daily routines, you are likely to see results in as little as a few weeks. By following the evidenced-based tips and tools, your baby will become more engaged, more attentive, babble more, begin to use gestures, understand more, and begin to attempt words!


Forever! The course and its content never expires, and what’s more, we update it frequently. You will never loose access to the course.


We back our courses with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase, just email us at hello@daisyplays.com.